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Novidades 2023




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2023:

- Accepting Things as They Are: Dispositional Mindfulness, Decentering, Self-Compassion, and the Impact of Stuttering on Adults Who Stutter

- Disfluências e Gaguez: Revisão e Critérios de Referenciação

- Intensive speech-language pathology therapy with adults who stutter: preliminary study

- Shared characteristics of intervention techniques for oral vocabulary and speech comprehensibility in preschool children with co-occurring features of developmental language disorder and a phonological speech sound disorder: protocol for a systematic review with narrative synthesis -

- Stuttering in Children: Review and Referral Criteria

- Temporal organization of syllables in paced and unpaced speech in children and adolescents who stutter

- Terapia fonoaudiológica intensiva com adultos que gaguejam: estudo preliminar




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2023:

- Adaptation and Validation of Overall Assessment of the Speaker's Experience of Stuttering for Adults in Kannada (OASES-A-K)

- Effectiveness of speech therapy in treating vocal blocking tics in children with Tourette syndrome: Two case reports

Stalling for Time: Stall, Revision, and Stuttering-Like Disfluencies Reflect Language Factors in the Speech of Young Children




Inserido em Abstracts agosto a dezembro de 2022:

- Activation in Right Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Underlies Stuttering Anticipation




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2023:

- Effects of behavior inhibition on stuttering severity and adverse consequences of stuttering in 3-6-year-old children who stutter


Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2017:

- Spectral Coefficient Analyses of Word-Initial Stop Consonant Productions Suggest Similar Anticipatory Coarticulation for Stuttering and Nonstuttering Adults

- Variants in GNPTAB, GNPTG and NAGPA genes are associated with stutterers




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2023:

- Behavioral assessment of auditory processing in adulthood: population of interest and tests - a systematic review

- Impact of self-disclosure and communication competence on perceived listener distraction

- Psychosocial features of stuttering for school-age children: A systematic review

-The effect of stuttering on symptoms of depression and social anxiety in adolescents

- T-PALS framework to assess children who stutter with coexisting disorders: A tutorial




Inserido em Abstracts agosto a dezembro de 2022:

- Psychophysiological Arousal in Young Children Who Stutter: An Interpretable AI Approach




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2023:

- Brain activity during the preparation and production of spontaneous speech in children with persistent stuttering

- Speech Motor Profiles in Primary Progressive Aphasia

- The Association Between Atypical Speech Development and Adolescent Self-Harm




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2023:

- A preliminary investigation of the mental health of parents of young children who stutter

- Comparing the Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy and Mindfulness and Acceptance Group Therapy for Adults who Stutter: A Randomized Clinical Trial

- Eliciting Stuttering in School-Age and Adolescent Stutterers in Experimental Settings




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2023:

- Advancing Stuttering Detection via Data Augmentation, Class-Balanced Loss and Multi-Contextual Deep Learning

- Behavioral and cognitive-affective features of stuttering in preschool-age children: Regression and exploratory cluster analyses

- Stuttering management practices in Sri Lanka: A mixed method study




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2023:

- Adult recasts as fluency-facilitators in preschoolers who stutter: Evidence from FluencyBank

- Development of a probability discounting task of communication for adults who stutter

- Exploratory Examination of Speech Disfluencies in Spoken Narrative Samples of School-Age Bidialectal Children




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2023:

- Cushing's Disease Presenting with Functional Neurological (Conversion) Disorder

- Identification of stuttering in bilingual Lebanese children across two presentation modes




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2023:

- Combined otolaryngology and respiratory airway endoscopy for complex paediatric airway patients: A prospective qualitative review of 20 patients

- Enfin, a podcast in French on stuttering! - "Je je je suis un podcast": Impacts of accessing stuttering-related information in one's mother tongue

- Syllable- and word-based measures of stuttering in speech samples of Turkish-speaking school-aged children


Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2022:

- Understanding the Speaker's Experience of Stuttering Can Improve Stuttering Therapy




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2023:

Brain developmental trajectories associated with childhood stuttering persistence and recovery

Stuttering as a signal of encephalopathy associated with toripalimab in a pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma patient: a case report

The reliability of simultaneous versus individual data collection during stuttering assessment




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2023:

- A Preliminary Study of Speech Rhythm Differences as Markers of Stuttering Persistence in Preschool-Age Children

- Associations between glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies, oxidative stress markers, and cognitive capacity in adolescents who stutter

- Communicative participation with public authorities: Experiences of people with aphasia, people who stutter, and employees of public authorities

- Effects of Binaural Beat Stimulation in Adults with Stuttering

- Virtual reality exposure therapy for reducing social anxiety in stuttering: A randomized controlled pilot trial




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2023:

- ERRATUM: Treatment clinical trial - three types - for children with fluency disorders and stuttering

- Factors Associated With Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression in Children Who Stutter




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2023:

- A Comprehensive Analysis of Speech Disfluencies in Autistic Young Adults and Control Young Adults: Group -Differences in Typical, Stuttering-Like, and Atypical Disfluencies

- Korean listeners' identification and discrimination of lengthened /s/ as prolongations

- Stuttering-Like Dysfluencies as a Consequence of Long COVID-19


Inserido em Abstracts agosto a dezembro de 2022:

- Perception of Stuttering in Individuals With Stuttering




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2023:

- A study of respiratory sinus arrhythmia and stuttering persistence

- Effect of an Auditory Temporal Training Program on Speech Fluency of Children with Developmental Stuttering

- Explicit benefits: Motor sequence acquisition and short-term retention in adults who do and do not stutter

- Listener perceptions of stuttering and stuttering modification techniques

- Rhythmic tapping difficulties in adults who stutter: A deficit in beat perception, motor execution, or sensorimotor integration? 

- The Effects of Different Sources and Modalities of Stuttering Disclosure on Listeners' Perceptions of a Child who Stutters




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2023:

- A link between seizure and stuttering disorders? A case report



Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2023:

- Inefficient speech-motor control affects predictive speech comprehension: atypical electrophysiological correlates in stuttering

- The Use of an Interactive Social Simulation Tool for Adults Who Stutter: A Pilot Study




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2023:

- Source Localization and Spectrum Analyzing of EEG in Stuttering State upon Dysfluent Utterances


Inserido em Abstracts agosto a dezembro de 2022:

- Association between stuttering and psychosocial complications in Saudi Arabian individuals: A pilot study

- Diagnostic Tips from a Video Series and Literature Review of Patients with Late-Onset Tay-Sachs Disease

- Sleep Problems, Social Anxiety and Stuttering Severity in Adults Who Do and Adults Who Do Not Stutter




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2023:

Ableism to Empowerment: Navigating School Structures When Working With Students Who Stutter

- Facebook groups for people who stutter: An extension of and supplement to in-person support groups

- The effect of manual movements on stuttering in individuals with down syndrome




Inserido em Abstracts agosto a dezembro de 2022:

- Auditory rhythm discrimination in adults who stutter: An fMRI study

- Fostering Positive Stuttering Identities Using Stutter-Affirming Therapy

- Phenytoin-associated movement disorder: A literature review





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