Eliana Maria Nigro Rocha




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2022:

- Evaluation of elements in hair samples of children with developmental language disorder (DLD)

- The effect of gap duration on the perception of fluent versus disfluent speech




Inserido em Abstracts agosto a dezembro de 2021:

- [Malignant Central Nervous System Lymphoma after Radical Total Cystectomy : A Diagnostic Challenge]

- Uncertainty and Perceived Control as Predictors of Communicative Participation and Mental Health in Adults Who Stutter


Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2022:

- A Point of View About Fluency

- Artificial Neural Networks Combined with the Principal Component Analysis for Non-Fluent Speech Recognition

- Nonword Repetition Performance Differentiates Children Who Stutter With and Without Concomitant Speech Sound and Developmental Language Disorders

- Professors' Perceptions and Evaluations of Students Who Do and Do Not Stutter Following Oral Presentations




Inserido em Abstracts agosto a dezembro de 2021:

- An unexpected iron in the fire of speech production

- Assessing the psychosocial impact of stammering on work

- Comparing evaluations of social situations for adults who do and do not stutter

- [Development of speech disorders in children] [Article in Russian]

- Examining the Effects of Stuttering and Social Anxiety on Interpretations of Ambiguous Social Scenarios Among Adolescents

- Influence of gestures on the intelligibility and comprehensibility of utterances with stuttering events in individuals with Down syndrome

- Invoking the influence of emotion in central auditory processing to improve the treatment of speech impairments

- Lamotrigine-Associated Movement Disorder: A Literature Review

- Microaggression and the adult stuttering experience

- Neuroanatomical anomalies associated with rare AP4E1 mutations in people who stutter

- Phenome risk classification enables phenotypic imputation and gene discovery in developmental stuttering

- Predicting Persistent Developmental Stuttering Using a Cumulative Risk Approach

- Reading Fluency in Children and Adolescents Who Stutter

- Regarding 'Speech-language pathology students' perceptions of simulation-based learning experiences in stuttering'

- Speech-language pathology students' perceptions of simulation-based learning experiences in stuttering

- Therapists' Issues in Understanding Stuttering

- The Dopamine System and Automatization of Movement Sequences: A Review With Relevance for Speech and Stuttering

- White matter correlates of sensorimotor synchronization in persistent developmental stuttering







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